Project VDL

The renovation of a house in Wilrijk (Belgium) where a complete home automation installation was installed. Photos in cooperation with PVD Lighting.

Year: 2018

Our role

  • Audio & video
  • Camera surveillance
  • Automation
  • Elektricity
  • Multi-room audio
  • Netwerk / WiFi
  • Access control
  • Lighting automation
  • Heating / Cooling / Ventilation

Ultimate wellness

Throughout the project, an in-depth link was established with the wellness facilities so that certain programs can be started from any screen in the house.


Throughout the house, "atmosphere" buttons were installed so that certain rooms or even entire floors are immediately set in the right mood. The outside temperature, brightness, time of day, etc. are taken into account automatically.

Experience what home automation can do for you

Visit our demoroom
The demo room of ABC - Domotica NV where three people are experiencing home automation